French Toast Sticks

Sunday morning and my mini me and me made some low carb French toast sticks! Our favorite bread is the Old Tyme Schmidt 647 bread it is the only bread we buy now. We sliced it into sticks, dipped in a mixture of egg, heavy cream, cinnamon and sweetener. We decided to use the airContinue reading “French Toast Sticks”

Tea-Brined Pork Loin

Well I am a HUGE tea drinker I love hot tea, I cut out coffee and now I drink tea every morning sometimes through the day and absolutely I have my favorite nighttime teas. I am NOT big on flavored ones, typically just have green tea, a gut health one with probiotics, chamomile, lemon andContinue reading “Tea-Brined Pork Loin”

Healthy Low Carb Goulash

Plans for today were to make tacos!! But I only had a 3.8 pound family size of ground beef. So I made the taco meat with half and the other half I wung this goulash recipe! And boy am I so very glad I did. This was an eyeball type of recipe meaning I justContinue reading “Healthy Low Carb Goulash”