Meatloaf Mac and Cheese Casserole

I wanted to get clever with casseroles and decided why not meatloaf with mac and cheese on top!!! So I made my trusted meatloaf recipe which is a feature in my cookbook and decided to make mac and cheese with my new bag of fusilli pasta from the Al Dente Pasta Company This ended upContinue reading “Meatloaf Mac and Cheese Casserole”

Eco Friendly Products!

My Friend Ashley has been working so hard on her new products and website and I am SOOO happy to show off a few of her products! First of all the website is She offers a wide variety of Reusable straws, recycled cotton shirts, jewelry, and more! Each product is BPA free, Plastic free,Continue reading “Eco Friendly Products!”

Every Recipe is NOT a success. Just look at my cookies!!! LOL

So the other day Avery and I decided to make this new low carb cookie recipe I have been working on…well lets just say the flavor was good but it sure did not look like a cookie LOL. I knew the batter was a little wet but said lets bake half of them and putContinue reading “Every Recipe is NOT a success. Just look at my cookies!!! LOL”

Bacon Weave

One of my favorite sammies is a BLT with a good jersey tomato! It is very easy to do as well as make and works absolutely amazingly. I always cook bacon in the oven on a foil lined cookie sheet and place the bacon into a COLD oven! This brings the bacon up to tempContinue reading “Bacon Weave”

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

I have never used a springform pan and have been dying too!! So my first attempt was with this chocolate peanut butter cheesecake with a chocolate cookie crust! Let me tell you, football sunday even the non low carb sugar loving guests loved it! The kids even inhaled it and had no idea it wasContinue reading “Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake”

Time to Purge the Playroom!

You know those mornings when you send the kid off to school and get that feeling to ransack the playroom and bedroom and think now is the time to remove unnecessary junk from the home lol. Boy did my mom self take over! I went from the downstairs hallway closet, to the playroom, to Avery’sContinue reading “Time to Purge the Playroom!”

Simple Tuna Lunch

So I fasted today until lunch and decided to have the leftover Jersey Tomato with some swiss and tuna! It was so easy and it was so filling I also sometimes add a boiled egg to my tuna but this time I didn’t. A good drizzle of Italian salad dressing always does the trick too!Continue reading “Simple Tuna Lunch”

Nothing like FRESH veggies

Today we went to this farm I have been dying to go to and just heard of here in Jersey. Specca Farms you pick farm! Our neighbors went and said we have GOT to go. They give you a knife and garbage bag and let you go loose in their 4th generation farm and pickContinue reading “Nothing like FRESH veggies”

Anniversary FOOD and FUN

September 18, 2010 was our wedding day! Joe and I have been together for 19 years and married for 11 this year 2021! Thanks to my mother in law we went to dinner ALONE and sat at A BAR and had a few beers, great food, great laughs and a great time. Moms you knowContinue reading “Anniversary FOOD and FUN”