Face to Face Friday!

So I always just focused on low carb eating, I never worked out, walked, ran pretty much never did any kind of movements lol. I never did sports in school, I was a band geek and liked it! Last year I started lifting and walking and even tried jogging in between my power walks andContinue reading “Face to Face Friday!”

Muscle Gains

Got my weights in early! Up at 5am start my weights by 7am I do have about a 20 minute break when I have to take Avery to school at 7:30am. Then I come back and finish my weights and sometimes I then walk outside or jump on the treadmill. Today I wanted to seeContinue reading “Muscle Gains”

Fun Cardio! Skating!

Good Morning!!! So it is absolutely amazing in Jersey today! Avery and I decided to go Roller Blading!!! yes I am 37 and it has been about 20 years LOL but I still got it! we went for a 30min skate at the local park. We started off at the Basketball Courts. It is justContinue reading “Fun Cardio! Skating!”

Who is your Support?

Do you have a gym membership? Do you have a workout buddy? Do you do your workouts at home? I workout at home with my husband and daughter. We have dumbbells and a flat bench and an incline bench. My husband has shown me different moves and toning workouts with the weights. He is myContinue reading “Who is your Support?”

Do You Push Your Workouts?

Ok so I am still fairly new to working out. I never did sports, never worked out, never ran or exercised I was a band geek in school and pretty darn good at the clarinet too! any who. During the past year I have been focusing on weights and learning new things thanks to myContinue reading “Do You Push Your Workouts?”