Keto Biscotti Available!

We have lots of new flavors of our Keto friendly, Sugar free, Diabetic friendly biscotti!!! Flavors are not limited to the traditional Anise, Almond, we also have Banana maple, Chocolate coconut, Snickerdoodle and the ever popular Butter Pecan and more! All are hand made by me using erythritol which will NOT raise your glucose levels!!Continue reading “Keto Biscotti Available!”

My First POP UP Event!

Save the date!!! February 12, 2022 I will be at Ryan’s Retail for my very first Pop Up event! I will have samples of my Keto/ Diabetic friendly cookies as well as copies of all 4 Cookbooks! I am so very excited to be out in person meeting everyone and finally having the opportunity toContinue reading “My First POP UP Event!”


PSA***BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT**** PRE ORDER IS NOW OPEN UNTIL DECEMBER 29th***SHIPPING AVAILABLE!! PAYPAL, CREDIT ACCEPTED !! those who ordered book4 you should be expecting your books any day now the first shipment has gone out. LINKS ARE OPEN FOR A LIMITED TIME…. ALL 4 books are available for a PRE ORDER!!! an order will be placedContinue reading “PRE ORDER BOOK SALE”

Turkey Day Prep Day!!! Will You Stay The Course?


Bacon Weave

One of my favorite sammies is a BLT with a good jersey tomato! It is very easy to do as well as make and works absolutely amazingly. I always cook bacon in the oven on a foil lined cookie sheet and place the bacon into a COLD oven! This brings the bacon up to tempContinue reading “Bacon Weave”

French Toast Sticks

Sunday morning and my mini me and me made some low carb French toast sticks! Our favorite bread is the Old Tyme Schmidt 647 bread it is the only bread we buy now. We sliced it into sticks, dipped in a mixture of egg, heavy cream, cinnamon and sweetener. We decided to use the airContinue reading “French Toast Sticks”

Sweet Pancake Domes

So I have quite a bit of Carbquick and decided to give pancakes another try. I added some extracts and Baking soda and powder for some puff and tried the first few pancakes tasting them and adjusting what I wanted. By the time I got to the third one I added a little sweetener toContinue reading “Sweet Pancake Domes”