Muscle Gains

Got my weights in early! Up at 5am start my weights by 7am I do have about a 20 minute break when I have to take Avery to school at 7:30am. Then I come back and finish my weights and sometimes I then walk outside or jump on the treadmill. Today I wanted to seeContinue reading “Muscle Gains”

Fun Cardio! Skating!

Good Morning!!! So it is absolutely amazing in Jersey today! Avery and I decided to go Roller Blading!!! yes I am 37 and it has been about 20 years LOL but I still got it! we went for a 30min skate at the local park. We started off at the Basketball Courts. It is justContinue reading “Fun Cardio! Skating!”

Who is your Support?

Do you have a gym membership? Do you have a workout buddy? Do you do your workouts at home? I workout at home with my husband and daughter. We have dumbbells and a flat bench and an incline bench. My husband has shown me different moves and toning workouts with the weights. He is myContinue reading “Who is your Support?”