Pudding Cookies!

A member on my Facebook group shared a NON LOW CARB post for Christmas cookies and I said HEY I can make that low carb! With a few easy substitutions I was able to make them! The first pan I baked ran together I totally made them too big though. The second tray I cookedContinue reading “Pudding Cookies!”

Beef Stew with a Little Extra Fiber

I have this amazing beef stew that I make using Campbell’s slow cooker sauces. They are so versatile and so very good! You can switch up the vegetables as well as the potatoes. I used Sweet potatoes, and radishes!! Ironically the radishes cook down and the texture is very similar to potatoes. This is aContinue reading “Beef Stew with a Little Extra Fiber”

Pumpkin Part TWO!

Yes it is fall in new jersey so that means the pumpkin recipes have taken over our souls. This is an epic recipe and is featured in my first cookbook. They originally were made as pumpkin cheesecake bars BUT today I made them in my spring form pan! it still came out just as delish!Continue reading “Pumpkin Part TWO!”

Cheesy Beefy Tot Topped Casserole

Been busy, trying new recipes!!! This is a keeper! a cheesy delish ground beef casserole with cheese and veggies topped with Green Giant Cauliflower tots and more cheese! This is great for a family weekday dinner throw everything in one pot then pour in a casserole dish and bake. Very filling and hearty. Now asContinue reading “Cheesy Beefy Tot Topped Casserole”

Chicken Tetrazzini

So I have been researching new recipes for my new book and a member from my Facebook page requested some casserole ideas. So I have been doing my research and found chicken tetrazzini which by the way I have never HAD or MADE. Now, by now you know I do incorporate foods that some mayContinue reading “Chicken Tetrazzini”

Meatloaf Mac and Cheese Casserole

I wanted to get clever with casseroles and decided why not meatloaf with mac and cheese on top!!! So I made my trusted meatloaf recipe which is a feature in my cookbook and decided to make mac and cheese with my new bag of fusilli pasta from the Al Dente Pasta Company This ended upContinue reading “Meatloaf Mac and Cheese Casserole”

Every Recipe is NOT a success. Just look at my cookies!!! LOL

So the other day Avery and I decided to make this new low carb cookie recipe I have been working on…well lets just say the flavor was good but it sure did not look like a cookie LOL. I knew the batter was a little wet but said lets bake half of them and putContinue reading “Every Recipe is NOT a success. Just look at my cookies!!! LOL”

Bacon Weave

One of my favorite sammies is a BLT with a good jersey tomato! It is very easy to do as well as make and works absolutely amazingly. I always cook bacon in the oven on a foil lined cookie sheet and place the bacon into a COLD oven! This brings the bacon up to tempContinue reading “Bacon Weave”

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

I have never used a springform pan and have been dying too!! So my first attempt was with this chocolate peanut butter cheesecake with a chocolate cookie crust! Let me tell you, football sunday even the non low carb sugar loving guests loved it! The kids even inhaled it and had no idea it wasContinue reading “Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake”