Eco Friendly Products!

My Friend Ashley has been working so hard on her new products and website and I am SOOO happy to show off a few of her products! First of all the website is She offers a wide variety of Reusable straws, recycled cotton shirts, jewelry, and more! Each product is BPA free, Plastic free,Continue reading “Eco Friendly Products!”

Time to Purge the Playroom!

You know those mornings when you send the kid off to school and get that feeling to ransack the playroom and bedroom and think now is the time to remove unnecessary junk from the home lol. Boy did my mom self take over! I went from the downstairs hallway closet, to the playroom, to Avery’sContinue reading “Time to Purge the Playroom!”

Nothing like FRESH veggies

Today we went to this farm I have been dying to go to and just heard of here in Jersey. Specca Farms you pick farm! Our neighbors went and said we have GOT to go. They give you a knife and garbage bag and let you go loose in their 4th generation farm and pickContinue reading “Nothing like FRESH veggies”

Anniversary FOOD and FUN

September 18, 2010 was our wedding day! Joe and I have been together for 19 years and married for 11 this year 2021! Thanks to my mother in law we went to dinner ALONE and sat at A BAR and had a few beers, great food, great laughs and a great time. Moms you knowContinue reading “Anniversary FOOD and FUN”

IS IT OK to have a LAZY DAY? YES!!!

I try NOT to miss a day of workout weights or walking or jogging I know your body has to recover and muscle have to rest but I truly LIKE to walk and jog now and I am so happy at how strong I am now BUT… Some days when I do take that breakContinue reading “IS IT OK to have a LAZY DAY? YES!!!”

Fun Cardio! Skating!

Good Morning!!! So it is absolutely amazing in Jersey today! Avery and I decided to go Roller Blading!!! yes I am 37 and it has been about 20 years LOL but I still got it! we went for a 30min skate at the local park. We started off at the Basketball Courts. It is justContinue reading “Fun Cardio! Skating!”

You are Human Enjoy the Little Moments

Well Joe will be 40 years old tomorrow! We went away this past weekend to our favorite place! Lancaster PA! It is just an hour drive from Jersey and we have been vacationing there for about 10years! The PA Ren Faire is our favorite and I love pirates so we went during pirate weekend! AveryContinue reading “You are Human Enjoy the Little Moments”

Who is your Support?

Do you have a gym membership? Do you have a workout buddy? Do you do your workouts at home? I workout at home with my husband and daughter. We have dumbbells and a flat bench and an incline bench. My husband has shown me different moves and toning workouts with the weights. He is myContinue reading “Who is your Support?”

Do You Push Your Workouts?

Ok so I am still fairly new to working out. I never did sports, never worked out, never ran or exercised I was a band geek in school and pretty darn good at the clarinet too! any who. During the past year I have been focusing on weights and learning new things thanks to myContinue reading “Do You Push Your Workouts?”

Do You Have A Big Breakfast

Most days I do not have breakfast; I sometimes prefer to skip and fast till lunch or even dinner. BUT days I have a good workout I get hungry and have a nice breakfast! Like today for example I wanted a big breakfast so I had three eggs with cheese, scrambled, fried bologna, (if youContinue reading “Do You Have A Big Breakfast”