Instapot Carrot and Cauliflower Soup

So I was craving my broccoli cheese soup but had this big head of cauliflower sitting on the counter so…I said SELF lets do a cheddar cauli soup and why not try it in the insta pot! And I did LOL. This came together so easy and was so simple. I also had a fewContinue reading “Instapot Carrot and Cauliflower Soup”

Fun Cardio! Skating!

Good Morning!!! So it is absolutely amazing in Jersey today! Avery and I decided to go Roller Blading!!! yes I am 37 and it has been about 20 years LOL but I still got it! we went for a 30min skate at the local park. We started off at the Basketball Courts. It is justContinue reading “Fun Cardio! Skating!”

Protein Fatbombs

I won this awesome protein powder from KOS! It honestly does taste so good! I decided to add it to my Chocolate Peanut Butter Fatbombs from my second cookbook! An easy blend of chocolate unsweetened cocoa, or in this case the protein powder, coconut oil, butter and peanut butter! melt, blend, mix, pour into moldsContinue reading “Protein Fatbombs”

You are Human Enjoy the Little Moments

Well Joe will be 40 years old tomorrow! We went away this past weekend to our favorite place! Lancaster PA! It is just an hour drive from Jersey and we have been vacationing there for about 10years! The PA Ren Faire is our favorite and I love pirates so we went during pirate weekend! AveryContinue reading “You are Human Enjoy the Little Moments”

Zapple Muffin!

Ok so I have made MOC apple pie using zucchini before it was good but recently been on this zucchini bread kick and I tried banana extract and it was an exact banana bread! So I got fancy again and used Apple Pie Spice I get from Penzey’s and apple extract and made legit ketoContinue reading “Zapple Muffin!”

Best Ever Marinated Roasted Pork Loin

So my aunt got her hands on a BUNCH of pork loins, like seriously a BUNCH and headed to family and friends and passed them out. I ended up with 11!!! YES 11 boneless pork loins all weighing in at 1-2 pounds. Now I love pork I cook pork chops all the time but IContinue reading “Best Ever Marinated Roasted Pork Loin”

Sweet Pancake Domes

So I have quite a bit of Carbquick and decided to give pancakes another try. I added some extracts and Baking soda and powder for some puff and tried the first few pancakes tasting them and adjusting what I wanted. By the time I got to the third one I added a little sweetener toContinue reading “Sweet Pancake Domes”

Who is your Support?

Do you have a gym membership? Do you have a workout buddy? Do you do your workouts at home? I workout at home with my husband and daughter. We have dumbbells and a flat bench and an incline bench. My husband has shown me different moves and toning workouts with the weights. He is myContinue reading “Who is your Support?”

Easy Peasy Pizza

So today we had a random and unplanned trip out for lunch where I had a ton of loaded waffle fries. They were amazing, but dinner I decided to get a little healthier lol. SOOOO I have a ton of fresh tomatoes and basil from my garden. I was craving a white pie which isContinue reading “Easy Peasy Pizza”

Do You Push Your Workouts?

Ok so I am still fairly new to working out. I never did sports, never worked out, never ran or exercised I was a band geek in school and pretty darn good at the clarinet too! any who. During the past year I have been focusing on weights and learning new things thanks to myContinue reading “Do You Push Your Workouts?”