It’s Chilly so TIME FOR CHILI!

Yesterday I woke with a hankering for Chili! So I made my bean-less chili! You can spice this up any way you would like. You can also add beans if they fit in with your life style. Sometimes I also add chunks of steak! Today it was a last minute thing so I did NOT have steak chunks thawed or ready for the chili.

I do keep it simple and use ground beef I prefer 80/20, garlic, peppers, a can of Ro Tel and a can of sauce! My favorite sauce to cook with is Furmano’s it has just 3net carbs per 1/4 cup so in recipes such as chili it works great!

Once I brown the meat I drain the access oil and set the meat aside. I then add butter to the same pot followed by the onions, garlic, and peppers and cook about 8 minutes until they are tender then throw everything else in there and let it simmered on low covered mixing every few minutes. I do let it simmer a good hour or more! tasting and seasoning as it goes cause lets be honest some like it hotter than others! I like a good medium chili a nice kick is perfect too hot just ruins it.

Once it is good and ready spoon into a bowl and top with cheddar or mozzarella cheese and sour cream! OR you can even top a sweet potato with it!! OR HOTDOGS!!! come on ya’ll think outside the box!

If you give this a try do let me know what you think!! Any ideas on how you would “tweak” this recipe? Do share!

What we need:

1.5 pound ground beef

2 cups diced bell pepper

1 small onion diced

2 cloves crushed garlic

1 bay leaf

1 can Ro Tel Tomatoes

1-28oz can low carb sauce

2 cups beef broth

1tsp to 1Tbs chili powder (depending on how hot you like it)

1 tbs cumin

1 Tbs garlic powder

1 Tbs onion powder

1 Tbs paprika

3 Tbs Worcestershire sauce

What we do:

  • Brown beef then drain access grease set aside
  • Add onion, garlic and peppers and cook until softened about 8 minutes.
  • Add all remaining ingredients mix well and season well. Cover and simmer 30 Minutes mix well and adjust level of spice to your liking. Simmer about an hour to 2 hours uncovered mixing every  15 minutes

Published by Nikki's Low Carb Cooking

I enjoy low carb cooking and started my facebook page Nikki's low carb cooking which is a HUGE success. I cook live and help people make better low carb choices while keeping it fun, easy and inexpensive!

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