Muscle Gains

Got my weights in early! Up at 5am start my weights by 7am I do have about a 20 minute break when I have to take Avery to school at 7:30am. Then I come back and finish my weights and sometimes I then walk outside or jump on the treadmill. Today I wanted to see how fast I could do a quarter mile and did it at 2minutes and 30 seconds! Not too bad for someone who NEVER worked out before NEVER did sports Never trained and was a good ol band geek back in highschool. Now here at 37 years old and one baby later I can lift and RUN!!!

I hate that my treadmill counts down to 0pace to stop BUT the time keeps counting until it hits 0 speed. I ran at a 6.6pace and hit my quarter mile at 2.30mins! I added new exercises to my routine today to focus on shoulders because I still cannot do a pull up. I couldn’t do 5 push ups, like real ones not knee girl pushups but now I do 25 at a clip!!! I also ordered large bands to hang on my pullup bar to help me learn how to do pullups. I do exercises my husband showed me and I did google some. I now love lifting! we just use our dumbbells here at home, 2 flat benches, pullup bar, and an incline bench! it works perfectly for us and I truly am amazed at how strong I have become.

I am not as toned as I would like yet but learning and focusing more on the weights. Also working on ab exercises and toning that mom pudge, I do use a sweat band I got at Walmart and it does seem to help. Just knowing where I started using 8 pound weights now I can curl 25-30 pounds! Single Arm Rows with 45! I can squat using 45pounds too! It may be slow progress but progress non the less and so very proud of my cardio! Baby steps all DO NOT give up. Stay focused!

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I enjoy low carb cooking and started my facebook page Nikki's low carb cooking which is a HUGE success. I cook live and help people make better low carb choices while keeping it fun, easy and inexpensive!

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