Anniversary FOOD and FUN

September 18, 2010 was our wedding day! Joe and I have been together for 19 years and married for 11 this year 2021! Thanks to my mother in law we went to dinner ALONE and sat at A BAR and had a few beers, great food, great laughs and a great time.

Moms you know how it is when you FINALLY get to wear that dress you have been dying to fit into and finally do your makeup and get out of the house! I wore this dress size small for the first time out and was comfortable in it! I did my face with my new makeup which I haven’t used in months, slapped on that one and only diamond bracelet and said GOOD BY Avery have fun with grandma LOL. We then headed to our favorite place O’Connor’s. The food is ALWAYS consistent, we know one of the bartenders so that is ALWAYS a plus, the staff is friendly as are the customers! Always a good time and a full belly.

I have always enjoyed their seafood dishes. Their cod is on point and it is so hard for me to stray away and try something else. They just so happened to have Cod Oscar! YES cod with crab in a creamy béarnaise sauce over wild rice with asparagus. Let me tell you; momma was one happy lady. Joe had the filet mignon sliders WHICH I thought they were going to grind down a beautiful filet into a burger but NO! they legit were amazing steak sliders! Different but they were cooked to perfection with slight pink, onion straws and BBQ sauce. We shared Tater kegs, which get this are loaded mashed potatoes that they make into tots! and we had the boneless wings in their sweet and spicy Thai sauce! And of course bring on the beer! Michelob Ultra of course and yes a few of them lol. Our friend was working and even put a candle in front of us at the bar, a yankee pumpkin but still hehehe she insisted we have a candle light dinner.

We had an amazing night was home by 6:30pm but we got there at 3pm and was in bed by 9pm. We also saw an amazing jersey sunset on the way home! A perfect picture to end the perfect night. Remember enjoy those milestones enjoy the food on special occasions YOU ARE HUMAN and we have this ONE life. Enjoy it while you can! embrace it and each other.

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I enjoy low carb cooking and started my facebook page Nikki's low carb cooking which is a HUGE success. I cook live and help people make better low carb choices while keeping it fun, easy and inexpensive!

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